Research Recommendation Writing -Guide to Research Recommendation in Chapter five (5)

Guide to Research Recommendation in Chapter five (5)

By default, research recommendations are written following the completion of the research studies. In some thesis, the research recommendation is written in chapter five, or chapter six as the case may be.

In writing a research recommendation, it is expected that the researcher proffers practical and workable solutions towards solving the problems or the findings of the research study. It is important to note that research recommendations should not stand alone; simply put, they should not be concept outside the scope of the current study; instead, they should be tailored to address key research problems identified during the study.

A good research recommendation provides a reader with information on specific measures. Questions touching how many research recommendations are allowed in a given study, there is no “overdose” of recommendation in a study. However, your recommendations need to be concise. It is not always about the quantity of recommendation a work has, rather the emphasis is on the suitability, applicability, and if it is realizable.

This principle is most important when writing a recommendation of a study conducted basically to ascertain the strength, weakness and other aspects of a business entity or firm. Such a recommendation should be able to point out a direction for action. Furthermore; such recommendations should also be framed and structured towards addressing the perceived, or ascertained ineffectiveness and inefficiencies in the said organization.

Features of a good research recommendation

  1. It should be aligned with the research findings; that is each recommendation should be tailored towards solving the identified problems in the study
  2. It should not be ambiguous
  3. It should be direct
  4. It should be clear and concise
  5. It should be strategic
  6. It should be workable and applicable
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Most often, young researchers find it challenging to come up with actionable recommendations for the problems identified in the study. Yes, you might have done an excellent job, in the other chapters of the work, however, a terrible recommendation could make your readers doubt your level of understanding of the subject matter, thus, selling off a wrong impression about you.

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