Preparing for Job interview? Do these 7 things

Whether we admit it or not, a job interview can be a big deal in the life of an individual. After the euphoria and happiness associated with getting invited for an interview, comes the tension regarding what to do or how to prepare for the interview in order to secure the job. The aim of the article is to provide candid tips to individuals regarding job interview preparations.

Research the Organisation

Normally, job applicants are advised to research and have basic knowledge about the company or organization which they wish to apply for. This is done so that the resume and cover letter will be written in a manner which will seem more appealing to the company. Similarly, when one gets invited for a job interview, he/she is advised to conduct deeper and more in-depth research regarding the company.

Remember you have not secured the job yet and there could be a dozen more people trying to get the same spot as you. Hence, it is best to research and try to know more about the company so that if you are asked any question regarding the company, you will be able to answer the question with ease. That way, you will let the interviewer know that you are sure or fully aware of what you wish to get yourself into. Example of key questions to ask before researching an organization or company includes:

  • What are the inner workings of the company or how does the organization carry out its duties?
  • What are the possible interview questions which might be asked during the interview?
  • What are the possible roles or contributions of the company to society at large?

Draft and try to answer possible questions that might be asked during the interview

This is an extension of the fore mentioned question in the previous point, its importance ought not to be undermined. It will be impossible to predict and successfully forecast all the questions which will be asked during a job interview, however, there are a few general questions which are asked in virtually all types of interviews like a brief description of oneself and his/her past work experiences.

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Depending on the nature of the work and the company or organization, the interview or evaluation process might differ. For example, the questions or mode of interviewing which will be instituted on a programmer will be entirely different from that which will be asked or instituted on a journalist. Hence, it is important for the individual to:

  • Understanding the nature of the company or organization and how they carry out their activities, can be done through proper research.
  • Predict and answer possible questions which might be asked by the organization or company during the interview.

Practice with a friend

Every form of study or practice, regardless of its type or nature, always goes well with a friend. This is so because practising with another individual makes the whole procedure more realistic and fun. The minute you get an invite for a job interview, you are advised to adhere to the following instructions or tips:

  • Recruit a friend to help you practice.
  • Research possible questions that the company might ask.
  • Answer these questions to the best of your knowledge over and over again.
  • While at it, practice your language and body movements.
  • Make notes if need be.
  • Go through these notes a day before the interview.

Prepare reasonable questions to ask the interviewer

During an interview, it is important for the candidate to maintain a proper conversation with the employer. This is so because maintaining a fun, formal and proper conversation with the employer or interviewer tends to bring the candidate to the spotlight more. Hence, individuals are advised to prepare possible questions to ask the interviewer after he/she is done asking or quizzing the candidate. Examples of possible questions to ask include:

  • What are the next steps in the hiring process?
  • What responsibilities are accrued to an individual in this position?
  • What is the daily schedule of workers or employees of the company?

Print hard copies of the Resume

Candidates for job interviews are advised to be staunchly prepared for the job interview beforehand. One of the basic things which employees ask for during an interview is a hard copy of the candidate’s resume. Since the individual is unaware of the number of interviewers that might quiz him/her, one is advised to print multiple copies of the resume at least a day before. Similarly, individuals are advised to go through their resumes over and over again and pick out and answer possible questions which may be asked by the interviewer beforehand.


Select the fastest Route

Due to technological advancements, individuals tend to apply for jobs that are in far locations online. Most of the time, the individual might work for the company for years without knowing the company’s main geographical location.

If you belong to this group or class of people, lucky for you. Others on the other hand tend to apply for companies in far locations and on the day of the interview, the candidate might arrive late or miss the opportunity entirely because he/she is unable to figure out the company’s exact location. On this note, candidates are advised to adhere to the following instructions beforehand:

  • Figure out the exact location of the company before time, if it is in a far location, you can make reservations in a hotel or with a friend and arrive at the location at least a day or two before the interview date.
  • If the location is fairly close to the candidate’s location, he/she is advised to visit the location a day or two before and figure out the fastest route to take in order to arrive at the location early on the desired date.

Dress Smartly

One of the best ways to create a proper first impression in the eyes of anybody is through smart dressing, this method proves most effective during an interview. On this note, individuals are advised to adhere to the following tips on the day of the interview:

  • Pick out a casual and neatly ironed piece of clothing to wear.
  • Try to appear in the smartest way possible. You can put on glasses and pick up a quiet and observant personality strictly for the interview.
  • Once you notice that your dressing and physical presentation seems appealing to the interviewer, start selling yourself.
  • The term ‘Selling yourself’ in this context means using any little opportunity to advertise or showcase your professional skills and attributes.


Thank you for reading the above tips on Preparing for Job interview. Kindly use the comment section to ask your questions and it will be answered.

Now it is your turn. Let us know if you have comment, suggestions or a different view

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