Population and its social effect               


It took the entire history of humankind for the population to reach I billion around 810. But 120 years later in 1930, this number doubled to 2 billion people, then 4 billion in 1975, just 45 years later. In 1980 the number increase to 4.4 billion people and currently it is estimated to be 7.05 billion by the united state census Bureau and over 7 million by the nations. It is estimated that the population could double again to nearly 11 billion in less than 40 years from now.

The rapid growth of the world’s population over the past one hundred (100) years results from a different between the rate of birth and the rate of death.

In the next decade the human population will be likely to be increase by 1 billion people that is like adding the whole of china to world’s population.


A population is all the organisms of the same group or species who live in the same geographical area and are capable of interbreeding.

In sociology, population refers to a collection of human beings inhabitting a particular geographical area. The statistical study of human populations in social science is known as demography.


An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with generation of high temperatures.

In the other hand population explosion is a generally undesirable condition, where an organism’s number exceeds the current caring capacity of its habitation. It is often refers to as the relationship between the human population and its environment. Over population is defined as the condition of having more people that can live on the earth in comfort, happiness and health and still leave the world a fit and befitting place for future generations.

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NOTE: over population Is making substantial contribution to the destruction of earth’s life support system.

The inter academic parel statement on population growth state that “governmental problem such as rising level of atmospheric corbondioxie global warming and population are aggravated by population explosion.

The current rate of population growth is a significant burden to human well-being but understanding the factors which affect the population growth pattern can help us plan for the future.


v INDUSTRIAL REVELUTION: The advance in science and technology in the 15th century which led to the industrial revolution popularly known as the GREEN REVOLUTION mostly in Europe and North America play a great role in reducing death rate.

v INCREASE IN FOOD PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: There has been a recorded of agricultural success in the world especially, between 1950 – 1984. The amount of grain harvested world wide increase from 631 million tons to 1.65 billion tons that is 2.6 times at a time when the world population increase only by 1.9 time many techniques has also initiate to enhance food production such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide and many more sophisticated machinery.

v IMPROVEMENT IN PUBLIC HEALTH: people now have asses to safe water supply and housing. The education of the people on their public health and the need of taking good food and drinking safe water and the consequences of not help to limit epidemics disease such as cholera which is the major source of date rate in children.

v MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY: scientists over the year have I learned a great deal about the ways to prevent and cure many type of disease thus million of people who would have died of disease are now more likely to old age.

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Social consequence

  1. Service and social amenities like education can’t cope with the rapid population increase
  2. Conflict of culture from migrants can lead to civil wars
  3. There are food shortage if the country can’t grow or import enough food
  4. There isn’t enough house or land space for everyone so people are forced to live in makeshift houses.

Economic consequence

  1. There is increase poverty because more people are born into families that are already poor and have no job
  2. There isn’t enough job for the number of people in the country so unemployment rises.
  3. Lack of money for service due to strain on government.
  4. Younger people working mean staff with short house.
  5. Inflation on economy as there will be to many for limited goods

Political consequences

  1. The government has to be force to make difficult decision to bring population growth under control.
  2. There are fewer older people so pensions becomes less important to the government
  3. Governments are not able to finance growing population or provide work for the two informal sectors becomes dominant.
  4. Most population is made up young people, such that government focuses on policies important to the young.

Health consequences

  1. It will be difficult for government to make care of the health of over populated citizens
  2. It leads to environmental hazards like global warming population which are not good for human health.
  3. Neglect on the sick people due to excess patience available
  4. Due to restrain of government on money circulation, there will be little or no money to purchase drugs.
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Note: many sociology scholars have argued that over population is sometimes necessary because it brings about stability of a countries economy. In the past, infant and childhood death and short life span use to limit population growth but today more babies survive their first few years of life, thanks to improve nutrition, sanitation and medical care centers.

During the 750 years before the industrial revolution, the world’s population increased very slow of about 250 million but by the beginning of the 19th century the world’s population has grown to a billion individual currently it is estimated to be 7.075 billion.


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