Outline for Research Methodology

Outline for Research Methodology

Writing the research methodology for your thesis, dissertation and research project is a very vital and sensitive aspect of every research study.

The research methodology segment of any academic writing, provide the targeted audience or readers with such information as touching the design of the study, the study population, sample and sampling techniques adopted or to be adopted, the mode of data collecting, the instrument for the validation of the instrument for data collection as well as the tool for data analysis and interpretation.

The research methodology segment presents the vast philosophical underpinnings of the chosen research methods, detailing its suitability for the study. Researchers need to pay keen attention to the kind of research methods to be adopted as it can make and mere the entire research work. Because, when the research approach adopted is not appropriate for the study, it becomes challenging to measure research outcomes.

Under this segment, it is expected that the research provides his/her audience or readers with detailed and concise information on the what and how data for the study would be sourced, from whom will the data be collected from, and what instrument would be used to give meaning to the data so collected. A typical research methodology should take into account the following:

  • Research Design
  • Population of the study
  • Sample and sampling techniques
  • Research Instrument for data collection
  • Validity and reliability of the Instrument
  • Data Collection Procedure
  • Method of Data Analysis
  • Ethical Consideration

Before deciding on the research methods to approach, the researcher needs to ponder on these questions:

  1. What is the nature of the variables in my study: this is essential because the research approach of your study will determine if your research would be qualitative, quantitative or a combination of qualitative and quantitative method.
  2. What is the demography of the population to be studied: this influences the manner at which data will be sourced.
  3. The nature of the data to be collected: this enables the researcher to make decisions as touching the most appropriate instrument to be adopted when analyzing the collected data.

Writing a good research methodology often come with some setback, especially for young researchers as well as students who have little or no research experience.

The above guidelines should help you get started with writing your research methodology, nevertheless; if you are having issues writing your research methodology, we can assist you, by guiding on how to go about it.

We can also help you develop your research methodology from scratch.  We are experienced, we guarantee 100% original content, and our prices are very flexible as well.

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