Make money blogging -7 ways to Make Money from Blogging

Blogging is a great endeavour and a pretty Lucrative business, sometimes, you earn huge sums for putting in just a little effort. It is for this reason that Blogging has become a Big Business, some are into it part-time while the rest are permanently into it.

What exactly gives this money, and how much can realistically be made from Blogging? First of all, money from Blogging is gotten through Traffic and Engagements and Blogging provides a limitless income opportunity, in order words, there is no limit to how much you can make. All you need to do is to master your craft and be consistent.

For starters who are looking to get involved in the endeavour real quickly and are willing to make a lot of income through blogging, this is for you. This is also for Bloggers who are open to diversification and new ideas to expand their earning potential in Blogging. It is not all rosy though, it is good we establish that. Blogging can be difficult at times, especially when the clicks are not as pronounced as you felt they should be. At this point, your passion drives you on till you pull through.

How can I make money from Blogging? Here are some ways:-

  1. Do Affiliate Marketing: young people all over the globe who have a social media platform engage in this to raise revenue and it is very lucrative. During the Covid lock down a lot of persons survived thru affiliate marketing. Posting and marketing through social media platforms and handles. It is the source of livelihood for most or a great chunk of big-name bloggers. For example, Mr Patrick Flyn made a total of $53 thousand dollars last month from affiliate sales compared to just $9 thousand dollars he made from book sales. To start, generally, you’ll have to look for affiliate products say from web hosting companies and if it makes sense in your niche. You could cash out between the range of $60-$130 dollars per signup.
  1. Sell Ad Space: Selling Ad space is one of the most indulged forms of business by bloggers of different sorts. Ads are short forms for advertisements and selling it would entail making your online or social media a place of housing for adverts. Most bloggers start with this especially whilst trying to monetize their blog. Selling banners and ad spots are essential and not very lucrative these days but that’s not all there is. Other areas of investment or enterprise could be social media headers, space on your pop-up box, and essentially thinking outside of the box.
  1. Host Sponsored Events: Sponsored events ranging from giveaways(which are not limited to but include network or service line airtimes and money) is something even politicians have resorted to and in fact, this is what endears most persons to their audience as people see it as a proper symbiotic relationship. Everyone gains something from it. The giver gains popularity and audience attention while the audience gains a monetary reward for their indulgence. The blogger would have to approach business in his niche by offering these kind of program or programs on his/her social media handles or blog. Conclusively, this will raise a ton of awareness for the blogger and create or generate a ton of leads for further business dealings.
  1. Create a Business Directory: This entails creating a catalogue of or for consultancy offerings and rendering recommendations on frequently asked about products and services. This is done usually by inventing a compilation, an inventory of relevant businesses over time (using maybe data analysis to denote viability or test for lucrativeness of businesses). Business Directory plugins are tools that create an easier pathway to not just accessing viable business opportunities but also starting up tirelessly and avoiding common hassles and bottlenecks.
  1. Offer Consultant Services: The high demand for consultancy in early every niche in the world market surges higher and increases by the day. People desire to know and receive second and mostly professional opinions on different aspects of things and life generally. This need has necessitated the offering and rendering of consultation services a lucrative idea and most often than not, online consultancy especially for startup bloggers is not monetized especially as the blogger seeks to, first of all, create a huge following or his own private population. The blogger could charge periodically let us say hourly for the phone, email or social media consultations you were giving away for free previously.
  1. Offer Services: the idea of selling individual services may usually not make you wealthy, it is a great way to making extra cash and building up your reputation, public portfolio and mostly raise audience awareness. The idea to this business is that the said blogger can choose to sell services related to various topics of your blog. For instance, for a catering or food blog, you could offer different tenets about cooking agents and/or how to spice up foods, etc. Or even offer freelance blogging services such as graphic design, writing, etc.
  1. Write Sponsored Posts: Building blog sites are not an easy ride or feat to achieve without issues. It would require hard work and consistent practice. As you build your blog, it’s is expected that you’ll receive multiple sponsored posts requested for airing every day. These ads that may seem native can be highly beneficial way for you to make plenty of money and reaching your audience in a non-threatening way. You just have to make sure that the posts are actually interesting and relevant to your targeted audience and that the sponsored nature of the post is fully disclosed.
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Conclusively, having reviewed all these means of making money through blogging, it is worthy of note to say boldly that blogging is a very lucrative means of making income. It is less stressful, not capital intensive but requires plenty of patience and doggedness. The blogger earns money through a sure foundation of trust by his or her audience built by dogged consistency over the years. You have a phone, you have a laptop, you have a social media handle and you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, a good way to start in online and the best time to start is now.


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