Language laboratory

Language laboratory can be seen as an attempt made by modern Education to adopt technology in Education in teaching. This is an attempt made to make the learner of new language to learn to speak it like the model speaker of that particular language.


  1. It saves the teachers time and energy: The teacher at the same time attend to each and everyone of the students instead of attending to them on individual bases, which makes his time and energy to be saved.
  2. Master recording can offer, apart from exercises a wide variety of sample language recording made by native speaker: Such recording can offer practice drills in pronunciation, intonation, language rhythm fluency and comprehension, this is done in order to effect change in teaching through a variety of sample language recorded by the native speaker.
  3. The lecture can be recorded and replayed anytime: this is made possible as result of recording track which students have, that made to record the lecture as result of material they are provided with e.g are Extension of tape recorder, a signal tape recorder and tracks for recording.
  4. It is good in handing a very large class: it is good because each and every one of the students are provided with a pair of headphones and microphone which allow the students to listen, respond, replay and repeat what they have recorded if necessary.
  5. The students unlike the cases of other media such as television, the care projection etc are actively involved: The students despite where ever he may be sitting at that point in time, has control over one of the two track for recording his own speech and can actively be involved as they are provided with a pair of microphone and headphones.
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  1. It calls for a more hard work on the part of the teachers requiring form him a high degree of competence: if a teachers is not skilled, competent or knowledgeable enough about this medium it makes it absolutely difficult for such teacher to handle the learners because he lack prerequisite skill of such medium.
  2. It is expensive to buy and not every institution can afford to buy it: due to the cost of the equipment, it has imposed a maid of restriction for its utilization as not every tertiary institution can afford to buy it.
  3. It does not give individual attention to learners: the possibility of attending to an individual bases is completely out of place as the students are collectively carried along which made it impossible for them to be attended to individually.
  4. Unreliable power supply: because of the fact that most of our nations tertiary institutions where many of these are installed has electricity from P H C N extended to them it obviously have a disruptive effect on its utilization because of the unreliable power supply to the medium.
  5. It needs high technician: owing to the lack of manpower that can manage the equipment and repairs it whenever it breakdown become a challenge to an institutions that have it due to its technicality.


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