Grammarly Registration, download, login and use of the Grammarly application on mobile and PC and 4 Grammarly alternatives

Grammarly Registration, download, login and use of the Grammarly application on mobile and PC and 4 Grammarly alternatives


Grammarly checker and plagiarism applications have been discovered to be one of the most useful applications on the internet these days, even if the American company is over ten years old. It is helpful because people have discovered the need for varieties of writing skills in different fields.

Ranging from research and academic writing, ghost and copywriting, and article writing which can be classified under digital marketing and daily writing, which also includes sending emails, Facebook posts, LinkedIn or even Instagram posts.

In doing one or more of these kinds of writings, using a Grammarly checker to test your essays, text or articles is completely not out of place it is exactly why the software was developed.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an application and software tool used to check or test the credibility of grammar in an essay or a write-up. A writer takes his or her essay, puts it up on the application and runs a test or check; after a few minutes, the Grammarly checker displays the result of the entire essay or write-up.

The Grammarly checker aims to ensure that the works of writers stay clear of text failures. Text failures can be defined as the shortcomings of writers in terms of grammatical errors, wrong spellings, wrong placement of punctuations, etc.

These text checks do not end at the grammatical corrections of essays alone, it also includes checking for appropriate use of punctuation like commas, full stops, etc. The Grammarly checker provides its users with the confidence they need when writing.

Grammarly checker is an assurance that whenever you write anything, there is a second pair of eyes looking to correct even the mistakes you do not realize you make.

The American-owned software, which was first developed in 2009, detects grammar and works with the prescription of standard linguistics, even though there are slight mistakes after using it (on rare occasions).

Grammarly Checker

Using the Grammarly checker for your texts is also an assurance that you get explanations for why a correction is made.

For example, if a writer affixes “is” where he ought to use the word “was”, the Grammarly application runs through, crosses the wrong tense, highlights in red and gives an explanation for why that particular word is being crossed, gives a replacement for the crossed word and also tells why the replacement is the proper word to be used.

However, if you are certain that there are no grammatical errors in a highlighted phrase or word, you can ignore it. With all of this, it is seen that the Grammarly application doesn’t just do a test on texts. It does a thorough word-for-word check and can actually be an avenue to learn itsy-bitsy tips on English grammar.

Grammarly is an application that can be downloaded on google playstore and iOS. Amazingly, it is free for users except for users who want to go further by subscribing to premium services. It is also available on every kind of device, including windows, apple, android, etc. Grammarly premium services are services offered at an upgrade.

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These services are designed to be paid for by users. The difference between the premium services and the regular free version of Grammarly is that the premium provides more than five hundred types of grammatical features and errors, checks, etc.

The Grammarly premium also provides an enhanced form of vocabulary checks where the free version is only limited.

Using a mobile or a smartphone, one can download the Grammarly application, sign up to get an account with your email address, and follow the instructions till you get to the point where you are required to type texts using your phone’s keyboard.

The Grammarly app for texts works alongside your mobile keyboard while typing. It strikes through and makes corrections at the point of typing in messages and sends in replacements automatically.

Grammarly as a Browser Extension

 On the other hand, if you have to use the Grammarly checker directly on the internet on a browser, you will be required to either copy and paste your entire text or run a test on the site. The Grammarly checker runs a sentence or line-by-line test on your essays and points out where corrections need to be made.

The Grammarly browser extension is available as a desktop editor on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.  If a user chooses to use the premium services of Grammarly, one has to sign up first. The premium subscriptions are available on annual, monthly or quarterly payments, depending on preference.

A browser extension allows for ad blocking, cookie management and a variety of user interface modifications.

What is Plagiarism?

According to the Merriam Webster English dictionary, plagiarism is the act of taking a person’s work and ideas in words without giving due credit or acknowledging the original brain behind a particular work. Plagiarism is a common fault among writers. However, this act does not go unpunished.

It comes with varieties of penalties, depending on the severity and the original author. Grammarly plagiarism checker was developed in order to avoid dubbed works all over the place.

Example of how to use Grammarly plagiarism

The Grammarly plagiarism works just as the Grammarly checker but with a completely different mission. The plagiarism checker as the name implies aims at checking the uniqueness of a writer. It tests to see if a writer has not dubbed another writer’s work, matching with some other works on the internet.

The Grammarly plagiarism checker also requires that you copy and paste your text in the checker box on the internet. The checker runs a test on a limited number of words at a time. The number of words that can be checked at a particular time is about a thousand.

If you want to run a test, a write-up or an article and do not want to copy and paste, there is also the option of running a test by having your text saved as a document on your PC or smartphone, select the upload option and upload the document you need to run a test for.

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The system runs the test, comes across statements exactly the same as others online and highlights them. If a work is tested to be 100% unique, it states it. If a work is not unique, it instructs that a writer should either change completely or paraphrase the highlighted statements in order to avoid the same or plagiarised works all over the internet.

The plagiarism checker is mostly used for academic and research works, to ensure that researchers and writers, in general, have original works with their names as authors. In few cases and recently, a plagiarism checker is being used by digital marketers too.

This is to ensure that no two or more persons are writers of one content on the internet, even if they are writing on the same subject matter or topic.

Who uses Grammarly?

The usefulness of Grammarly has gone beyond just writers. Anyone who texts sends emails and writes in every way should use Grammarly checker. Students, bloggers, influencers, online or digital marketers, authors, content and creative writers, business owners, scholars, name it.

Everyone who is also called a professional editor will find Grammarly checker useful because it actually lessens the burden of going through bulky work, searching for errors and making appropriate corrections.

This can be a cumbersome task especially for users who do not have a good command of English and are only trying to speak and write better. Some professional editors who have to edit books in volumes can conveniently make do with a Grammarly checker even after manual editing or proofreading on work has been done.

How to Log in on Grammarly

Just as the way every other software and application available on the internet works, the Grammarly application on your smartphone or PC does not operate any different.

With the Grammarly application, a user is expected to first download the application, then is required to sign up using either a Facebook account or an email address or with apple.

When you sign up on Grammarly, you can always retrieve your account if you get to use a completely different device. This is also a way to create a Grammarly account.

How to Use Grammarly on your Smartphone.

It must be noted that Grammarly for smartphones does not work on browsers like Opera mini and Firefox. The Grammarly extension for smartphones works strictly with just the Google Chrome browser. First, a user has to register on Grammarly in order to have access to the Grammarly dashboard.

This is only required if a user has not signed up before, if one has an account, all that needs to be done is to log in and then you can immediately have access to the different Grammarly subscription plans. You can definitely ignore that if you are not looking to subscribe to any of the Grammarly premium plans.

Move to the top right of your screen, there you will spot three dots, click on the three dots and then click on “desktop site”. That will take you to a page with different actions. Click on the “New” box, copy your written article to be tested and paste your article to test for possible errors and suggestions.

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Grammarly Businesses

Grammarly does not just offer checkers and plagiarism test to users alone. There are other services the Grammarly company also offers. The other services offered by Grammarly are; a handbook, Grammarly Edu, Grammarly business, plagiarism checker and Grammar checker.

Grammarly Alternatives

Apart from the well-known application and software “Grammarly”, there are also a number of other good, recommendable and reliable Grammarly checkers out here on the internet. Some of these alternatives users are sure to utilize are; the White smoke, Ginger, Sapling and ProWritingAid.

WhiteSmoke: The WhiteSmoke Grammarly alternative has zero free plan trial and is available on google chrome.

Ginger: The Ginger Grammarly alternative is totally free and is equally available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

ProWritingAid: This Grammarly checker is definitely suitable or fit for every writer. It has a free plan and is available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Sapling: The Sapling Grammarly is said to be suitable for only business writers. It has a free plan and is available on Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers.

 The only problem with these Grammarly alternatives is that they have a strong and aggressive ad block on the internet. You want to be sure that when using them, they do not redirect you to an unintended site.

You also want to be sure of the service tools you intend to use. Some writers or users may want to purchase the premium services of these alternatives. Be sure to test tools before going further to purchase any premium package. They might just not deliver as expected.

Conclusively, having a software check for possible errors in your written works will definitely make reading fun for you and your readers. It will speak of you having a good command of the English language and is completely necessary.

Running a Grammarly check or test on your writing can boost your confidence too. People have always been discouraged from reading articles authored by people with poor English proficiency. You want to add some clarity to your thoughts and keep your readers glued to your ideas?

The Grammarly checker is for you. The Grammarly checker is a must-have for everyone, so long as you text. The fastest and easiest way to go about using Grammarly is by downloading the application on your smartphones since it works directly with your keyboard.

This way, you get to avoid being redirected unnecessarily over the internet. You may not need to go with the Grammarly premium if all you need is to be on track with the basics of the English language in your typed tests.

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