Examination malpractices have consistently remained a bane of Nigerian educational system. Most foreigners say that the academic certificates) being issued to graduates in Nigeria are no more valuable than the pieces of paper on which they are printed. So what is examination malpractices that examination malpractices is an illegal behaviour by a candidate before, during or after the examination so that he/she can attain success easily and cheaply. Hence, the worth of the examination is violated.

       Examination malpractice is a cankerworm that protends grave dangers for the nation. The major causes of examination malpractices are:

  1. Laziness of students seriousness is thrown to the wind by many students. Most of them have little time for their studies. They spend their time attending parties and forming gangs who engage in untoward behaviour.
  2. Second is large population of students in many school. The few who do very well may be promoted or admitted into higher institutions. Students cheat therefore to excel over their mates.
  3. Many students are desperate thinking that passing the examination is a do or die affair. They want to excel by all means. Some want promises from parents fulfilled others want to be on TV or newspaper as the best in one form of examination or the other (though cheats hardly excel)
  4. Syllabus in many subjects such as physics, chemistry etc is wide and difficult for teachers to cover. The school period is shortened by holidays, shift system and late resumption by students.
  5. Another cause of examination malpractice is inadequate preparation for examinations. In a number of school the teachers are few and specialized ones are fewer so students are not adequately prepared for the examination.
  6. Corrupt invigilators and supervisors. The student knows that if they offers bribe to the invigilators. They will be allowed to cheat in the examination hall.
  7. Lastly, there is a general trend in our society towards cheating and this is encouraged by almost all members of the population.


       This research was designed to investigate the reasons students cheat at examination, the methods they adopt in cheating. The main sources of examination leakages and the effects of school in over south-west local government area. Literature review showed that students cheat in examination because they want to acquire a certificate through examination for which they have not prepared will. These studies show that student, cheat because examinations are not well-conducted and supervised by examiners. The main research instrument used was the questionnaire to which two hundred (200) randomly selected senior secondary school (SSS III) students responded. The research procedure also involved oral interview to which sixteen principals and randomly selected teachers responded information gathered were used in testing the hypothesis of study among which were (a) there is a relationship between the urge for success and violating examination norms. (b) student who have not prepared well enough are most likely to cheat in the examination. It was concluded that (1) candidates cheat at examination because they want to pass the examination for which they are ill prepared, which to too much prized by the society. (ii) Most members of the school community particularly, the office personnel and to some extent, the teachers and often quity of examination malpractices. The study therefore recommended that examination papers should be set few days to the examinations in order to reduce the chances of teachers discussing such papers with the favoured students before that examination.


       From the background given to this study, it could be seen that examination plays an important role in our educational system as well as the society we live in. but hones examinations are hard to find nowadays. Examination malpractices in examinations have been reported since 1914 when there was a leakage or question papers in the senior Cambridge local examination. Ever since, there have been causes of irregularities reported on a yearly bases. But the outstanding years were 1963, 1967, 1970, 1973, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, ( west African examination council, 2004).

       Examinations malpractices is therefore to designed to ungure into the problem of examination malpractice’s in secondary school in Ovia south west local government area of Edo state.


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