Business proposal writing -2 types and 9 steps to writing business proposal

Business proposal writing -2 types and 9 steps to writing a business proposal

Writing a business proposal

As of around the time you have completely kick-started your business with a customer base expanding almost uncontrollably you get that feeling that even though you are fulfilled you still believe there is a need to do more; you become convinced that there are still untapped potentials still lingering around you and that prospects who can richly benefit from your services and products are still far reached.

Now the number one issue becomes less about your business soundness and more on how to reach potential bases because that’s what determines the growth of your business- the more involved customers are. This is where a business proposal becomes most needful; they reduce the gap between you and prospects. A concrete one can framework your value proposal and also convince companies and organizations to work with you.

I would discuss with you the following

  • Varieties of business proposals
  • How to write a business proposals

But before we proceed, what is a business proposal?

A business proposal is an official document that is created by a company and provided to a prospect or client with the resolve of obtaining a business agreement.

Is this properly understood?

Note: there is in no way ant similarity existing between a business proposal and a business plan, unlike a plan a business proposal is solely aimed at marketing your products and services rather than the business. A proposal is a cry for new customers.

Types of Business proposals

They are in general only two types of business proposals, the solicited and the unsolicited

  • Solicited business proposals: this kind of proposal can only serve and have a cause-effect upon request by a prospective client, that’s to say in a solicited business proposal the other company or organization asks for a proposal with something called the Request for Proposal or FPS for short. This happens when a company is plagued with a problem too difficult to handle solo, they involve other businesses by requesting they submit a proposal which is expected to contain how they intend to solve the puzzling problem of the company or the organization
  • Unsolicited business proposals: this is a proposal that is given to a potential customer whether requested or not all is to materialize the gain of the business.
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whichever of the above proposal you have chosen to work with know that the procedures required in making either of the two does not differ.  Put to mind that there must be presence of a statement concerning the problem the company is facing, a proposed answer, and information about the proposed price.

Writing a business proposal

This whole process can be completed under a 9 process mark and they are;

1.       Begin with a title page

2.       Create your table of summary

3.       Explain with an executive summary

4.       Highlight the need/problem/issue

5.       Deliver your proposed solution

6.       Share your qualification

7.       Deliver your pricing information

8.       Clarify terms and conditions

9.       Add a space for signatures

Before you begin with this phase be sure that you understand the business you are writing a proposal for like the back of your palm, and if it is a case where an RFP was sent make sure you exercise reading it thoroughly just to understand in particular what the company requires.  Know that if you find yourself in a state of utter confusion you can/should put a call to the company/client or meet in person so that you can be exposed to more clarification.

Once you’ve put a pin in your research process, you can begin writing the proposal. This is how your proposal is expected to be formatted

1.       Begin with a title page

Primary information is expected to be addressed here, start with an introduction of yourself and the business you represent, be discreet, your introduction must house your name, the name of your company the date of submission the name of the client, organization, or company you are submitting the proposal to. This page must merge engagement and proficiency. It’s a quality setter so you would need to be smooth and essentially appealing.

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2. Create your table of content

You would need to make things simple so that the people at the other end won’t have a hard time accessing the contents of your proposal and for that to happen you would need to structure a table of content. A table of content would alert your clients to enable them to know what exactly comprises your business proposal. A soft copy of your proposal transported via internet connection would be beneficial to clients because it would come with a clickable table of contents that automatically takes them to their desired content with a mere click on it.

3. Explain with an executive summary

Explain what exactly? That probably is what you are trying to piece together, well an executive summary expresses “why” your soon-to-be-proposed solution would be most compatible to work with amongst others, expressing this must come in specific details- narrow down the reason to the barest form of why you are in fact best for them.

This should bring to the surface the benefits of your company’s services and products and how they would be of aid to the client in solving the persisting problem. it is essential that your client obtain a clear idea of how you can help them-this should be your number one priority.

4. Highlight the need/problem/issue

Here a summary of the problem affecting the potential client should be provided. This aspect serves as a convincer it provides you with a chance to prove that you have a clear insight and understanding of their wants and the problem they want to be curbed

5. Deliver your proposed solution

Begin offering your self-resolved strategies for tackling the communal problem, specify and personalize, be sure that your proposed solution is tailor-fitted to the needs of your client so that they can easily believe the proposal on the table was made for them individually. Tell them the methods you’d be using to solve the problem, the how’s and the what’s also tell them the expected time their solution would be provided. For example: the pipes for your sewage would be delivered on the 16th of February 3:00 pm.

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6. Share your qualification.

Why should they trust you? What proof do you have that shows you can handle this problem? Show them why you are befitting to handle the problem, utilize case studies as a convincer, display previous client success testimony, and praises, and make use of all and any accreditation at arm’s reach.

7. Deliver your pricing information

This art requires much caution as you wouldn’t want to overprice and under-price, the aftereffect is always dreadful.  Meredith Hart suggests the inclusion of an optional fee table. So what is an optional fee table? An optional fee table is a responsive pricing table that allows clients to check the products or services they have an interest in, by doing so the price automatically adjusts, I hope this has been made clear. Let’s proceed further.

8. Clarify terms and conditions

This should be where you expand on the details of the project timeline, pricing, and, of course, payments. This is essentially the brokering the deal and attempting to shake hands in agreement if the proposals are accepted, make sure your terms and conditions have been cleared by a legal practitioner before you endeavour to present it to potential clients.

9. Provide a space for signature

Provide a box that would house the signature(s) of your client(S), be sure they are aware of what exactly they are agreeing to so as to avoid a six-nine month lasting court case, capitalize on this opportunity, and do the equivalent of giving a business card so that your client can reach out to you later in the long run.

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