Book writing Donts -5 things to avoid when writing a Book

Writing a book can be interesting, easy and swift if the writer plans properly and is disciplined enough to carry out these plans. Similarly, there are writers who, at the beginning of the book writing process, may be devoted and inspired by the storyline but may lose all these qualities before even completing the first quarter of the book.

This is so because, during the course of the writing process, the writer may fail to carry out specific activities which are essential to the book writing process. In this regard, the aim of this article is to provide writers with 5 activities or habits to avoid when writing a book.

5 things to avoid when writing a Book

Do not procrastinate:

Simply put, procrastination can be regarded as the act of voluntarily delaying or postponing a particular event, plan or action regardless of the circumstances which may arise as a result of that particular delay. Procrastination can be said to occur during the writing process when the writer does the following;

  • Fails to write as often as scheduled.
  • Fails to adhere to the scheduled word count or limit daily.
  • Fails to reach a particular writing goal at the scheduled time.

It is important to note that, the minute the writer starts to postpone deadlines and writing goals, the inspiration or gusto which was initially gathered for the sake of the writing process will start to dwindle and eventually, the writer will lose interest in the piece entirely. Hence, it is very important for the writer to try as much as possible to set and follow up on writing goals.

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Do not take the book as an assignment

This phrase simply means that it is the duty of the writer to enjoy the entire book writing process. This is so because the minute the writer starts to take the entire writing process as something demanding or stressful, he/she may lose or start losing inspiration.

Similarly, the person might resort to copying the works of other writers intricately as well. Alternatively, the writer is advised to apply a moderate amount of pressure on his/herself when it comes to meeting up deadlines, and/or reaching particular milestones in the book writing process.

This way, the writer will not be in a hurry to finish and he/she will not make grave mistakes along the line or give the story or book a non-rhythmic turning point. Hence, writers are advised to just ‘flow with a certain level of discipline during the entire writing process. Similarly, the writer should try to imbibe some sort of fun into the writing process as well or something that will make the writer always look forward to writing and/or meeting daily writing goals.


Do not write Economically

The most fascinating thing about creating a story is the ability to describe and modify elements into the story to a particular taste. In other words, during the writing process, writers serve as the All-Knowing god, historian, teacher, person displaying multiple-personality disorder and so on. This is so because, in order to curate a successful or mind-blowing piece, the writer has to either provide the readers with something unfamiliar/unknown or something familiar with a twist.

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Similarly, the best way this can be done is by paying attention to detail. Hence, during the writing process, it is vital for the writer to spend a reasonable amount of time creating strong and vivid images relating to the happenings in the book.

This can not be done if the writer is extremely word-conscious. Hence, during the course of constructing the first draft of the book, the writer ought to write as intricately or in-depth as possible. After the first draft, if the writer exceeds a particular word count, the writer can edit and/or paraphrase. This has to be done carefully so that the details created will not be eradicated or altered.

Do not divert from the subject matter, theme or storyline of the book

One of the most common mistakes writers make during the writing process is diverting from the main point of the book, this could be a particular storyline, a theme and a specific subject matter. The major causes of this problem include;

  • The failure of the writer to create an outline.
  • The inability of the writer to stick to the outline.
  • The inability of the writer to develop points in the outline which are directly related to that particular subject matter or theme.

Hence, writers are advised to conduct proper research before or during the writing process. This way, the writer will be able to create and adhere to an outline which is most suitable for the book.

Do not edit alone

During the writing process, it is important for writers to have a team of editors and people who they can discuss the book with. This way, the book will be looked at with fresh eyes, grammatical errors, twists and turns in the story or book will be adjusted and round characters will be properly developed.

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Similarly and most importantly, this team will be the biggest critique and support system of the writer. It is important to note that the ‘team’ in this context need not be a professional or skilled writer. It could be a group of family members, classmates, close friends and other people on a much personal level provided that the person understands English and has an eye for good books or stories.

In fact, writers are advised to create a team of editors with people who are closer to them first, this way, there will be no need for sugar-coating and formality when discussing or addressing the book. In a situation whereby, the writer is unable to create a personal team of editors, the writer is advised to check online platforms or even social media.

However, it is also important to be careful while doing this, if it is a platform, go through its policies first, if it is a group of online friends, make sure that they are absolutely trustworthy first. This has to be done in order to avoid copyright infringement or stealing of ideas and plots.

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